Capital investment

The entire process of trading, portfolio management and settlement, as well as trade monitoring and accounting, is registered in a single system. Die Abbildung des Meldewesens nach Solvency II und VAG sowie die Unterstützung in weiteren aufsichtsrechtlichen Meldebereichen wie WPHG, GroMiKV, AWV, EMIR, is conducted .

Other features include:

  • The mapping of your capital investments and their derivatives,
  • the creation of all relevant accounting data,
  • the presentation of several subledgers up to tax balance sheet subledgers,
  • Aufsichtsrechtliches Meldewesen nach VAG und Solvency II
  • Look-Through for investment funds,
  • separate solutions for retail mortgage loans in X-map H 1 with
    the generation of SEPA direct debiting
    and ratings according to personal - and property-related data (Schufa, geodata)

Workflows – accounting – reporting – analyses are all part of the standard package.