Commodity Hedging

If producer or consumer, volatile commodity- and energy prices are integral part of the commercial risk. Capture the exposure and the hedging transactions in our system. We support you in the following sections

  • Trade
  • Hedging
  • Physical purchase
  • Electronic matching
  • Settlement
  • Invoicing
  • Payment
  • Collateral Management
  • Valuation
  • analyses
  • Reporting

From internal reporting

  • Degree of protection
  • Value At Risk
  • Deterministic scenarios
  • Accounting (e.g. Local GAAP, IAS 39, IFRS7, IFRS13)

for external reporting, for example

  • EMIR
  • Dodd-Frank-Act
  • REMIT or
  • AWV

Whether or not the traded underlying is oil, natural gas, power, industrial metals, or soft commodities. And whether, or not it is a physical trade or a paper deal.

Combine this functionality with our modules for physical trading.