Risk management is the core of business activity. Identifying, quantifying, and managing risks is the daily challenge. We supply you with the comprehensive solution for hedging, physical purchase of commodities and energy, Treasury, corporate finance and asset management

Our software solutions based on a standardized core are adjusted to your requirements in the implementation process. By this they build the base of your risk management..


We offer complex software solutions for the management and trading of financial products in a variety of operational areas. Our expertise ranges from the hedging and trading of physical products and certificates to portfolio- and risk management as well as managing capital investments- and mortgages..


Our product range covers all the necessary steps for mapping the relevant transactions. Our products can be acquired individually or as an interconnected software solution and range from the recording and processing of transactions to market valuations, analyses- and reporting, and as well include the compliance with regulatory and accounting standards.


As our software offers customised solutions for your needs, we highly value an intensive support and a continuous adaptation of our products to a dynamic market environment. The experienced X-map team is always available for questions and improvement requests and advises you on all professional and technical concerns..


The X-map AG delivers tailor-made software for the portfolio and risk management. Since nearly twenty years we develop comprehensive software solutions in Germany, they model the complete life cycle of your hedging deals, trades and physical purchases. We support you at implementation and in the current business. We also advise you in developing your strategy..